Zeerovers van Tortuga (Buccaneers of Tortuga)

April 1628 - the Campaign Begins

Charles I of England, has been overthrown by an alliance of Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads and Celtic Druids in Ireland and Wales who've come out of obscurity to eliminate the growing threat of witchcraft in the British Isles.  To date, they've been only partially successful, as most of the witches are now consolidated at the Salem Coven in Massachusetts Colony.

The Wotansonner in the Scandanavian Peninsula, Jutland, and Friesland have risen to fill the power vacuum left by Gustav Adolph's assassination in 1626.  While nobody can find proof, rumors abound that Gustav was murdered by the Comte de Rochefort on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu. 

Nearly all the Germanic people of northern Europe have rallied to the Wotansonner, and their hordes have driven the royalty of France to Canada, but pressure from the Salem Coven may soon force Richelieu and his retinue into hiding at Tortuga, Fort Maurepas, or possibly in Chief Tuskaloosa's fortress city Mabila.

Nueva EspaÇıa is also growing rapidly as the Habsburgs funnel European refugees to work their gold and silver mines, but the Carib islanders are beginning to take back their ancestral homelands with the assistance of Vodou Houngans who've escaped colonial slavery.



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